woensdag 3 februari 2010

Where's the Animal Liberation Front when you need them

I'm not even going to explain this one...


Guy: I have a question
Me: Shoot
Guy: About fetish
Me: Yeah?
Guy: And I really really love it..
Guy: Can you play a mean girl?
Guy: Very mean?
Me: I AM a very mean girl, so playing is not an option...
Guy: If I came by your house
Guy: With a box
Guy: A big cardboard box
Guy: And you opened it
Guy: And you saw 5 huge rabbits
Guy: Stolen from a spoiled neighbour kid
Guy: Something like that...
Guy: ?
Me: ...
Me: Rabbits...
Guy: Yes
Me: What do you want me to do with those
Guy: Rabbits... high heels..
Guy: Just think of something
Me: No I don't hurt animals, just humans
Guy: Ok
Guy: Respect...
*Guy leaves chat*

maandag 18 januari 2010

Some guys just don't get it..

A guy enters the room, and we start a kinda sexual conversation, quite enjoyable. Then he asks me what I would enjoy if he was there. I reply (in my dominant role)

Me: I think I would enjoy hurting you
Guy: Hmm, how?
Guy: You're making me horny
Me: I don't know if that would make you horny, my intentions would be to see how you would handle pain
Guy: Mmm true
Me: I think I would enjoy a bit of Cock and Ball Torture... maybe that would make you horny..

So untill then it went alright, the guy seemed to like the SM thing. But sometimes.. men just don't get the femdom thing (I act like a Femdomme, irl I switch but I just don't want to act submissive on cam)

Guy: I like a girl who's bossy and in charge
Guy: Then I tie you up and fuck you hard
Me: Excuse me? You tie me up?
Guy: Yeah, totally
Me: And just now you told me you liked girls who are in charge?
Guy: Hmmm yeah
Guy: And then I fuck you real hard
Guy: And cum on your face
Guy: mmmmmm

Well, I kinda gave up being dominant to him. Some people just don't get it!

donderdag 7 januari 2010


Some guys just want someone to look at what they're doing because it turns them on. They are quick, to the point en fast to go. This is a perfect example that just happened...

Me: Hi ***
Me: How are you?
Guy: Yes
Guy: I'm fucking my ass with a dildo
Me: Okay
Me: And liking it?
Guy: mmm yes
Me: How exciting ;)
*guy puts his webcam on, insert me with a holy-fuck!-face because the guy is using a dildo the size of a chair leg*
Me: Woah
Me: You're hardcore!
"a" heeft de chat verlaten

And that took about 2 minutes... Ah well, if it turns them on, why not.

woensdag 6 januari 2010

Quiet times

It's been a bit quiet due to holidays and busy schedules. But I haven't forgotten you guys! Have some patience, and crazy things will happen again soon enough. ;) Until then, here's a hilarious website if you like porn bloopers.