vrijdag 25 december 2009


Some time ago, a kinda nerdy guy logged on to my chatbox, and we started an enjoyable conversation. Not too sexual, but not dirty, it was nice. But the thing was, my geek-dar went off, and I just couldn't resist.

After ten minutes, I just couldn't put on a straight face and be sexy, because we we're chatting on and on about live-action-roleplaying, Dungeons and Dragons, Power metal and stuff. I felt so guilty 'cause he logged on for a dirty chat, and he got a nerdy fangirl gibbering on about fantasy en metal.

After half an hour I felt so guilty because he was paying for this, I pointed him to a bdsm-forum of which I'm also a member, because he was a nice guy, and we could meet up again there.

And he did! Until now this was the only time my geek-dar went off, but I hope it does more often, 'cause it was hilarious!

vrijdag 18 december 2009

From insects to...

Some guy had a weird way of outing his fetish.. After a short conversation about fetish shoes he came to this:

Guy: I have a weird question
Me: Go ahead
Guy: What do you do when you see an insect on the floor?

Euhm, okay. Weird question. I didn't pick up with his subtle hints, even after this:

Guy: Do you ever step on bugs?
Me: Ehm, I try not to, poor bugs

But after this I finally got it:

Guy: Hehe, and do you step on them with your full weight?
Me: Lol, does that turn you on?
Me: Oh trampling!
Guy: *blush* yeah kinda
Guy: I sometimes dream about being a bug and being stepped on by a girl

He could've just said trampling right away! But having a guess is fun too, and kinde cute because he was really shy about it. But we talked for half an hour about being trampled and insects. Yeah!

dinsdag 15 december 2009

Come to the dark side...

We have cookies!

Unfortunately I don't have the log anymore, because I lost it on another computer. But I had the greatest time with this one guy. He was a normal guy, not into kinky stuff, so I put my cute-girl-next-door-face on, but as always, the conversation topic turns to kinky.
Well, the guy was so flabbergasted by me, and he wanted to do everything for me... Teehee *angelface*

The guy was so blown away, all his inhibitions blew away. It was totally awesome! He did everything I said, he loved it. His expierences were limited to missionary and maybe some doggystyle, but in the end he had clothespins on his nippels, had a finger up his ass, and was cumming over my name he'd written on his belly.

It rocked, he had a great time, and it was the first time I fully enjoyed dominating a guy from work. It felt really true because he was so honest en totally devoted to do anything I wanted. 

And the most fun thing of all... I lured another one over to the dark side. Mission accomplished!

maandag 14 december 2009


Disclaimer: This is not the way I think about submissives. When I work I put an act on, of a bitchy dominant, and well, they like it. 

Slave: What do you like about slaves
Me: I don’t –like- slaves, I find slaves –useful-
Me: They’re for my pleasure, I don’t get my kicks because of them, but what I do to them
Slave: Sounds like you’re really dominant!

Well D'uh!

vrijdag 11 december 2009

Boogie down

Today I had an older man.. a submissive guy, who really wanted to be dominanted by me. I always ask them to prove to me if they are worthy of my attention and they need to think of something to impress me... Some guys come up with the weirdest things..

Me: And what makes you worth my attention?
Slave: I’m a good listener
Slave: I accept that it can get down right dirty
Me: Think of something that proves you’re worth something to me instead of another brainless guy
Slave: Uhm, something with urine?
Me: Don’t ask questions, just do something
Me: I’m waiting, I’m not wasting any more time in you untill I know you’re worth something.
Slave: Uh
Me: Come back when you’ve got your brain back
*Slave* leaves chat

I closed the windown, but I know how those guys work. They love it when you get bitchy, they crave for it. I knew he would come back, and tadaa:

*Slave* enters chat
Slave: please excuse me for my behavior
Slave: you leave a big impression
Me: Ah
Me: But you don’t, so I hope you got your act together now?
Slave: yes Mistress!
Me: Well, I’m waiting..
Slave: I need to get used to this..
Slave: I’m used to be commanded.
Me: Well, I do that, after guys proved me they’re worthy…
Me: Otherwise I’d waste my time all day
Slave: shall I dance?
*insert strange looking me, dance?*
Me: Don’t ask questions, just do something
Slave: ok
*insert older guy trying to dance like a sexy stripper, slowly lowering his pants, but looks like he’s been in coma for 10 years and suddenly awoke and started dancing*

At that point I bursted into laughter and HAD to break the connection because it would be too humiliating for him to watch me laugh. I am a bitch, but not a total one. I felt so guilty!

donderdag 10 december 2009

Welcome to my Diary

Well, this is my first entry! Welcome and thanks for taking an intrest in me and my work.

First of all, I would like to start with explaining why I'm doing this job. I recently got fired from my previous job, after I had a panic attack and couldn't do the things they needed me to do. Mentally I am not very stable at the moment (no I'm not crazy) so I decided to take things slowly. I would start working home, and in the mean time, get my act together. I'm visiting a psychologist, started working out, moved in with my boyfriend en we're trying to get everything under control. And this kind of work is the best I could dream for at this moment. It's at home, it's about sexuality which I have no problem with, and it pays good. My goal is to start studying next year, continue this work while I am studying, and I aim to be stable enough to start a normal job in the real world after I graduate.

So, this is the short story about why I do this work. And now why I blog about it? Well, it's extremely funny. Men have crazy fetishes, and they love it when a girl is ok about it. And sometimes they're just plain stupid. This is meant as an outlet for me, about the things I expierence whilst working, but if I get to make someone's day because I made them laugh, then my work is done.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, because I sure enjoy my job!

PS: all names of men involved are blanked or replaced, respecting their anonimity