vrijdag 25 december 2009


Some time ago, a kinda nerdy guy logged on to my chatbox, and we started an enjoyable conversation. Not too sexual, but not dirty, it was nice. But the thing was, my geek-dar went off, and I just couldn't resist.

After ten minutes, I just couldn't put on a straight face and be sexy, because we we're chatting on and on about live-action-roleplaying, Dungeons and Dragons, Power metal and stuff. I felt so guilty 'cause he logged on for a dirty chat, and he got a nerdy fangirl gibbering on about fantasy en metal.

After half an hour I felt so guilty because he was paying for this, I pointed him to a bdsm-forum of which I'm also a member, because he was a nice guy, and we could meet up again there.

And he did! Until now this was the only time my geek-dar went off, but I hope it does more often, 'cause it was hilarious!

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