dinsdag 15 december 2009

Come to the dark side...

We have cookies!

Unfortunately I don't have the log anymore, because I lost it on another computer. But I had the greatest time with this one guy. He was a normal guy, not into kinky stuff, so I put my cute-girl-next-door-face on, but as always, the conversation topic turns to kinky.
Well, the guy was so flabbergasted by me, and he wanted to do everything for me... Teehee *angelface*

The guy was so blown away, all his inhibitions blew away. It was totally awesome! He did everything I said, he loved it. His expierences were limited to missionary and maybe some doggystyle, but in the end he had clothespins on his nippels, had a finger up his ass, and was cumming over my name he'd written on his belly.

It rocked, he had a great time, and it was the first time I fully enjoyed dominating a guy from work. It felt really true because he was so honest en totally devoted to do anything I wanted. 

And the most fun thing of all... I lured another one over to the dark side. Mission accomplished!

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