vrijdag 11 december 2009

Boogie down

Today I had an older man.. a submissive guy, who really wanted to be dominanted by me. I always ask them to prove to me if they are worthy of my attention and they need to think of something to impress me... Some guys come up with the weirdest things..

Me: And what makes you worth my attention?
Slave: I’m a good listener
Slave: I accept that it can get down right dirty
Me: Think of something that proves you’re worth something to me instead of another brainless guy
Slave: Uhm, something with urine?
Me: Don’t ask questions, just do something
Me: I’m waiting, I’m not wasting any more time in you untill I know you’re worth something.
Slave: Uh
Me: Come back when you’ve got your brain back
*Slave* leaves chat

I closed the windown, but I know how those guys work. They love it when you get bitchy, they crave for it. I knew he would come back, and tadaa:

*Slave* enters chat
Slave: please excuse me for my behavior
Slave: you leave a big impression
Me: Ah
Me: But you don’t, so I hope you got your act together now?
Slave: yes Mistress!
Me: Well, I’m waiting..
Slave: I need to get used to this..
Slave: I’m used to be commanded.
Me: Well, I do that, after guys proved me they’re worthy…
Me: Otherwise I’d waste my time all day
Slave: shall I dance?
*insert strange looking me, dance?*
Me: Don’t ask questions, just do something
Slave: ok
*insert older guy trying to dance like a sexy stripper, slowly lowering his pants, but looks like he’s been in coma for 10 years and suddenly awoke and started dancing*

At that point I bursted into laughter and HAD to break the connection because it would be too humiliating for him to watch me laugh. I am a bitch, but not a total one. I felt so guilty!

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