vrijdag 18 december 2009

From insects to...

Some guy had a weird way of outing his fetish.. After a short conversation about fetish shoes he came to this:

Guy: I have a weird question
Me: Go ahead
Guy: What do you do when you see an insect on the floor?

Euhm, okay. Weird question. I didn't pick up with his subtle hints, even after this:

Guy: Do you ever step on bugs?
Me: Ehm, I try not to, poor bugs

But after this I finally got it:

Guy: Hehe, and do you step on them with your full weight?
Me: Lol, does that turn you on?
Me: Oh trampling!
Guy: *blush* yeah kinda
Guy: I sometimes dream about being a bug and being stepped on by a girl

He could've just said trampling right away! But having a guess is fun too, and kinde cute because he was really shy about it. But we talked for half an hour about being trampled and insects. Yeah!

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